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Thanjavur is located at 342 km away from Chenna, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The city is also known as the rice bowl. Thanjavur city is easily accessible by plane, train and cars. The nearest airport to Thanjavur is siyuated at Tiruchirappalli. There are also direct air routes from Chennai to Thanjavur. You can get easily gat a bus or a car to commute to this place at cheaper prices. Hotel accommodation is best in the city. Hotels also provide private transport to their guests to travel around in the city. Hotels are known for its magnificence and splendid beauty.

Brihadishwara Temple - Thanjavur
Brihadishwara Temple - Thanjavur

There are various hotels ranging from luxury to budgeted hotels. Various activities are organized by the hotel for the tourist to make their journey more exciting. The restaurants in the hotels are amazing as they give delicious and tempting food to the travelers in many cuisines like Italian, Mexican, continental, Thai, American and Indian food. You can get around the city easily by rickshaws, auto rickshaws, and mini buses. You will feel at home in the Thanjavur hotels.

Brihadishwara Temple, Siva Ganga Garden, Sangeetha Mahal, Ragavendra Temple are places where travelers must visit. In and around Thanjavur, there are old temples like Thiruvanajozhi, Vellai Pillaiyar Temple, Swami Malai, Lord Murugan Temple, Chandra Bagawan Temple, Sukkiran Temple, Thingalur Moon Temple, Kethu Temple, Kanchanur, Sani Bhagawan Temple, Keelaperumpallam, Thirunallar, Thiruvenkadu, Mercury Temple, Thirunageshwaram, Raaghu Temple, Thirumananjeri and Guru

Bhagavan Temple at Alangudi are some of the major temples of the city which are carved with the beautiful architectural paintings and artistic work. The temples also contain the images that depict the lives of the Indian people, Kings and Goddess. Some of these temples also contain depiction of Lord Vishnu which is really fascinating for the travelers. The Erco Travels as a tour consultant in India also provide you with knowledgeable guide who will give you the significant details about the place you have visited.

South India tour is among the most preferable tour among the tourists. The place is different from other because of its specialty in architecture and artistic work. The place has abundant variety to offer to the travelers that it takes time for tourists to decide in which place they should go first. The perfect blend of the traditional and modern lifestyle of people amazed people visitors around them. Traveling can be of great experience if assisted by the tour operator. Various tour packages are provided by the Erco Travels (a travel company). You can also get your package customized as per your choices and needs. The professional operator will make your trip more exciting ad practical. It will ultimately add flavors to the tour. The expert guide will provide you with all relevant information of the places you have visited. This will add glory in tour journey. So, friends pack your bags, plan a trip and get ready for the wonderful experience and joyous ride to the most exciting place. This is one place which you can visit with family and friends.