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Pondicherry is now renamed as Puducherry and is one of the most favored tourist destinations in South India. The city has an inheritance of French culture and language. The French influence can be felt in the lifestyle of people and in the food of the city. The culture and customs of the people is amazing as well as interesting to observe. It is the best place to relax as the city provides the much needed calmness and serenity. The beaches of the Puducherry are beautiful and have pristine atmosphere. Puducherry is main center of film festivals, music concerts and other food festivals. You will have a chance to visit the Ashram of Rishi Aurobindo and Auroville by whom you can be blessed. . If tourists are looking for the entertainment and fun then this is the right place as many fares are organized here. People from all over the world generally come to watch the celebration of festival and fares.

Puducherry is also a shopping paradise offering wide opportunities to the travelers to buy the exclusive items at normal rates. There is everything for everyone. Pondicherry is famous for its educational institutions mostly schools of medicine. Puducherry is blessed with the beautiful beaches with sandy land in and around the beach. People really enjoy on beaches along with great water sports. All the eatable items are available on beaches to add more fun in your journey.

Puducherry is counted as the union territory of India among the seven. It is a home to vast buildings and monuments which has some historical significance and stories of the great freedom fighters and French leaders as it was a French colony.

As Puducherry is influenced by the French culture and traditions, a journey to Puduchery is incomplete without seeing the famous French destinations. There are some architectural buildings in the city which expresses the art and cuture of the French on the buildings. They are done in such a way that whoever sees them feel spell bounded. The churches, the temples, the mosques and the Arikamnedu site are another fascination for the travelers. This city is also the great center for the meditation and yoga and Ayurvedic medicines.

The travel and tourism of the Puduchery arranges everything for you and provides you with exciting packages that suits everyone. Hotel arrangements are done in a perfect manner with the assistance at your doorstep. It is better to consult the travel operator for the fabulous packages. As they will tell you all about the information of the place you will visit and all related information. You will also be assisted with the professional guide who will, side by side will give you the significant information about the places you have visited. It is better to get your trip managed by the experienced person so that they will not be any problem on your tour. Get ready to explore this place to the fullest and have fun filled experiences with your friends.