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Mysor Temple
Mysore Palace Temple

Deep down in India dwells a place called Mysore. South India is as it is considered a paradise on Earth and is Mysore yet again stands apart. The ethereal beauty of Mysore is something to die for. It is the largest city in the state of Karnataka and is famous for festivals celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. It is also famous for monuments built centuries ago. The place is known for art and architecture, in fact Mysore is called as the City of Palaces. The whole place is surrounded with various forts and palaces and the onlooker is intellectually satisfied by being in the city.

Tourists are happy to visit Mysore during the festival of Dasara. This festival is a ten day affair and is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. The numerous palaces in the city include Amba Vilas which is supremely denoted as Mysore Palace. An art Gallery which is actually a palace- Jaganmohana palace, Rajendra Vilas situated in Chamundi hills is also known as Summer Palace, Lalitha Mahal is now convereted into a lavish hotel and Jayalakshmi Vilas is situated on the University of Mysore campus looks amazing. The royal family of Mysore shares a part of the city palace. The students of archaeology and architecture even now visit such places in possession of such beautiful architecture. The architectural styling of each palace is distinct and yet a thread of similarity cannot be missed. One should make it a point to go with a travel guide so that one comes back with all the information of the places they have visited.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

Paintings of Mysore should not be missed. In fact the paintings at Mysore are an offshoot of a style known as Vijayanagar School of painting in which foil made up of gold is pasted in the canvas. It is also called as the gesso work. One of the most amusing aspects of Mysore is the research center by the name of International Ganjifa Research Centre which is primarily present to research on the ancient card game Ganjifa.

Shopping is not all that complex in Mysore. Women should buy Mysore Saris which are exquisite and have been famous all over the world. Mysore silk saris are made of pure silk and have the work of delicate gold zari. Other than this, if you are in Mysore you can even travel to Bangalore which is situated at a distance of 150 km. Bangalore is a hub of Information technology and is regarded as the silicon valley of India.

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