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Meenakshi Temple,  Madurai
Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

South India is beautiful and to see the genuine beauty of the place one must visit Madurai. Madurai is one the oldest cities of the country and it possesses a historical glory. The scintillating past of Madurai since the Sangam period dates back from the pre-Christian era. The place is significant as in the Sangam period this area produced some of the masterpieces. It is said that Madurai was a platform for the Academy of Learning. Madurai was the platter of par excellence. Madurai is not only known for its literacy but also the beautiful temples that are built in the city.

South India is as it is an area where people from far and near come to satisfy their intellect and gain calmness and serenity. Visitors notice a unique cultural and religious blend in the city. They realize the warmth that is showered on the guests on their arrival. Meenakshi Temple is the tourist attraction in the Madurai. It is known to be Meenakshi Amman Temple and is dedicated to Goddess Parvati who is also known as Meenakshi and Shiva. The temple was nominated for the list of new wonders of the world. The temple is the central place for all the religious rituals in Madurai.

To travel to Madurai, one needs to bear in mind that throughout the year the climate is tropical. As the place has a religious significance one should make most of the place by visiting at the time of festivals. Some of the popular festivals of this area are Chitirai Festival in the month of April-May, Avanimool in the month of September -October, Navrathri Festival and Float festival in the month of January -February. To know the roots of the country, being a part of the festivals would definitely be fruitful.

Other than the mighty Meenakshi temple there are various other travel locations such as Thirumalai Nayak Place, Gandhi Museum, Thirupparamkundram, Azhagar Kovil, Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam and there are various places that could visited at the outskirts of the city. One can enjoy the exotic views along with the mesmerizing sites. For tourists, it is recommended to plan the tour before hand with a proper itinerary because with the proper planning of the visit one experiences a hassle free journey. In fact it is always better to consult a travel agency in India so that everything is managed by it and you come back relaxed.

Travelling can be a wonderful experience with the assistance of the Indian travel agent. Various packages are offered at competitive rates. In fact tourists can plan their program according to their taste that is one can make a trip with personal flavor with the consultation of the professional travel experts like Erco Travels. An added advantage of moving with them would be that you will be guided with the relevant information at various destinations. This will justify your visit to the places you visit. Let your trip be managed by experts and you come back with amazing memory snippets.