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Perumal Temple,Kanchipuram
Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is called as one of the sacred seven cities in India. Kanchipuram has been a major center of learning cultural traditions, learning of Tamil language and the most important one learning the religious backgrounds for centuries. Kanchipuram is also known as the main center of finest silk saris. All the silk saris are produced and designed in this city. The silk produced are also exported to various countries in the world.

Kanchipuram is also known for its structural buildings and temples which consist of the architectural carving and paintings. All the unique architectural buildings have depicted the life of the Dravidiansociety. Kanchipuram was the capital of pallavas and is also identified as Golden city of temples. The city has huge temples that give the place popularity. The local people have maintained their treasure in a very good way which can be seen by visiting these places. The temples were usually built by the Pallavas in the remembrance of goddess. Kanchipuram offers great opportunities to learn language, culture, traditions, ethics and histories.

Hotels in Kanchipuram are famous for their food and ambience. The interior of the hotels are perfect bland of the contemporary and the traditional style which are dedicated to the life of the founder of the city and their victories. The hospitality services of the Kanchipuram's hotels are provided to the guests with care. Tourists should apply for the hotel reservations so that the tour moves according to the plan. Kanchipuram is 75 km away from Chennai and is well approachable by any transport you want be it by road or rail. The city is also knows as the city of thousand spectacular temples which reflects the magnificent culture and tradition of South India.

Vedantangal Birds Sanctuary
Vedantangal Birds Sanctuary -

VEDANTANGAL BIRDS SANCTUARY is the only sanctuary of water bird in India which is situated at Kanchipuram. Storks, Pelicans, Egrets, Darter, Cormorants, moor hens; Flamingos are some of the beautiful birds that reside in the sanctuary. The view is amazing when you step in this sanctuary. Herons, sandpipers, kingfishers, swans, white ibis, spoonbills and grey wagtails are several birds which arrive in this sanctuary during the March and October.

Muttukkadu is a large lake which is created out of the backwaters in South India. The lake has many things to enjoy in it like boating and playing with the wind activities. The place is recognized as the picnic spot and you will enjoy lots of water sports. . For tourists, it is recommended to plan the tour before hand with a proper itinerary because with the proper planning of the visit one experiences a hassle free journey. In fact it is always better to consult a travel agency in India (Erco Travels) so that everything is managed by it and you come back relaxed. Guys get ready for trip and do not miss a chance of traveling this place and purchasing silk sarees which is the biggest advantage of the city. this is the only reason which makes it different from the other places in South India.