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Hampi : A way of life
Stone Chariot at Hampi
Stone Chariot at Hampi

Hampi is a small city-village in the northern part of Karnataka. It used to be the capital of Vijyanagar. Hampi still remains to be a significant center of religion. It is one of the most beautiful cities prevailing in the Southern part of India. It might be a small city in size but the grandeur of the place lies in the religious affinity which the place has it in abundance. The place is surrounded with many temples of great architectural value. It is needless to say that festivals in Hampi are celebrated with vibrancy and fervor. It is said that Gayathri Giri was the one who had founded the city of Hampi.

Hampi is in possession of various noteworthy temples, one of being Virupaksha temple. It is also famously known as Pampapathi temple. The tower at the entrance of the temple is huge and mesmerizes the onlookers. It is the temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Pampa and Bhuvneshwari. The temple is located amidst the market of Hampi. People from distant places visit the temple as it is revered and is popular among devotees. Various other places to be seen in Hampi include palaces, forts and various other spots where nature is at its best. Tourists must visit those sites in Hampi that come in the category of the World Heritage Sites included by UNESCO.

These spots include the Ramachandra and Hazara Rama temple; both were built in the early sixteenth century. These temples possess beautiful architecture and amazing engraving on the walls. The temples look elegant showcase the glorious past which the city of Hampi might have had long time ago. The public

Lotus mahal
Hampi Lotus Mahal

buildings in the city stand with grace as they are unique. The monumental structures in the city include Queen's Bath, elephant stables, Lotus Mahal, markets and look superb. The blend of hustle bustle in some areas and serenity at other parts of the city make it an idol destination for one and many.

To visit these places one must consult an Indian travel agency that has been into organizing tours. The years of experience of the travel agents make them experts at handling the tours. Various packages provided by the tour operators come in handy of the tourists. With their help, the tourists are able to decide the kind of trip and the places they want to visit at one go. An added advantage of seeking the help of travel agents is that they provide personalized trip that is to say that travelers can tailor the trips according to their requirements and fancies.

Get set ready to visit a place that invites its guest with a warm welcome. Hampi provides the much needed solace and relaxation to the body. It is one place where one can attain relaxation and also get busy with the fun filled activities at the disposal especially for the travelers. This place is can be perfectly be described as a blend of the serenity and a place of lots of happening!