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Cochin is Kerala's primary tourist's attraction and port destination. Cochin has been a favorite port for the foreign traders all these years. Cochin is now called as a commercial hub of Kerala.

The Cochin is located between the south India backwaters and Arabian Sea. Cochin is also called by the tourists as a queen of the Arabian sea. The natural beauty of the destination is different and has a large maritime importance.

Cochin is also known as the gateway of Kerala. The major attractive tourist's attractions in Cochin are Vasco House, Jew town, Fort Kochi beach, Santa Cruz Basilica, Dutch palace, Jewish Synagogue, Bolgatty palace, Marine drive and many other places to visit. All these places are beautiful and unique in their own characteristics. Alappuzha is a famous beach in Cochin which is known for houseboat cruises and backwaters. The most amazing backwaters of Kerala are in Kuttanad region which offers amazing opportunities to the travelers to enjoy entertainment activities. House boats are made of the hard wooden frame which does not get destroyed on one sprinkle of eater or strong wind. Houseboats have all the facilities that you needed from room service to the kitchen. You can cook your food there of your own choice. Boat races is the most happening moment in cochin's backwaters which cannot be missed at all. Colorful boats are available there at different prices. Luxury boats are also present there for those who wish to enjoy in the luxuries.

Cochin cruise
Cochin cruise

The travelers will enjoy the house boat cruise. The stay in the backwaters houseboat is really very fascinating. The snake boat race is the most amazing and entertaining event in the Alappuzha Lake which usually take place in the month of August. It is said that people from various countries come to see this special event. There are also other major tourist spots such as Thrissur, Kotttayam, Palakkad, Idukki and lots more which are of great cultural and heritage value.

Accommodations at Alappuzha Lake and Cochin are very hospitable and affordable. Various resorts and hotels are present in the city of Cochin which offers great services to its people. The hotel also provides private cars to the tourists for their comfort. The Kerala travel and tourism also offers great packages to explore the beautiful city with great arrangements. All the packages are specially made keeping in mind the interests of the travelers and also their needs which is most essential to them. Hotel accommodations are also done by the travel operators keeping in mind the hospitality services and entertainment activities.

You can also look for the private beach resort which is a great option for the honeymoon couples. The traditions and ethics of the south India is imbued by Ayurvedic and spa sessions. It is soothes and relaxes mind, body and soul. The native people of the Cochin City are very warm and friendly. Get ready and explore the splendid city of south India and add more pleasant experiences in your list.