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Badami - A treat to eye! Badami
Badami Fort
Badami Fort

Badami is a beautiful town set in the southern state of India- Karnataka. It lies amid one of the greenest and untouched parts of India. It lies at the bottom of an artificial lake. Badami is known for the wonderful and awestruck caves. The monuments, lakes, architecture and amazing scenic view that one gets to see here is superbly amazing. The exotic view of the caves and the inscription on them is something unique. Forts, gateways, sculptures and temples are all seen in this peaceful town. The grandeur of this town lies in the peace and calmness that one derives on visiting the land of Badami. The museum at Badami that is set by Archaeological Survey of India is superbly set to showcase the inscriptions on the cave.

Badami is known for its glorious past. The historicity of the place is marked by Badami being a capital at the time of Chalukyas. It was at this era was known as Vatapi. The location of Badami is great. It lies between two rocky hills and situated at the mouth of a ravine. The picturesque beauty of the place is breathtaking. One is overwhelmed to see the nature at its best in a place which is deep down south!

Various tourist spots that are visited throughout the yea

Cave Temple
Cave Temple

r in Badami are Archaeological Museum where one can see some of the most beautiful sculptures. This museum is not in proper Badami but is situated 5 km from the main city. The museum showcases the imprints of Lajja-Gauri which was considered God of fertility. Next, tourists should visit to Cave temple. Cave temple is known for its beautiful location and also what it signifies- diversity of religions. Cave temples are famous in Badami. One is dedicated to

Shiva, second to Vishnu and the third one to Buddha. Visiting Badami is worth all the effort as one can see also see a natural cave. Jambulinga temple is places at the centre of Badami and is hidden by various tall buildings around it. According to an inscription here the temple was built in 699 AD. The temple has three divisions dedicated to God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Another place which is worth visiting in Badami is Bhootnath Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated where Agastyatirtha Tank is situated. This temple is unique and is considered a temple of Gods of spirits. Badami Fort is the next best place that should not be missed as it was considered to be the most important place by Chalukyas. Though the fort is in ruins now but one can have a view of whole Badami from the roof top of the Fort. The engraved stories on the temple tell the stories of the lord Krishna. Many untold stories would be revealed to the travelers.

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