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About Shimla

The capital of a state of India, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a hill station which pulls a lot of tourists every year. A destination which is very famous among people in India and abroad, this is a place which promises its visitors a lot of fun, also this is a place which is a very famous holiday spot for honeymooners.

This city was called and considered as the summer capital of the country during their reign. The town is erected in the Victorian style of architecture and also the higher levels of the town do reflect the existence of British in the area at the same time the lower areas of the town comprise of Indian shops, markets and restaurants.

The Mall road, the historic area is very quiet and calm with a very clean and clear air and there is no traffic up here at all. The Cart Road is located towards the south of the city and is connected through the lifts.

To the north of the mall, The Ridge is a the place to view the seven grand hills of Shimla. Ahead to the same road is a place where one can do handicraft and souvenir shopping called Lakkar bazzar. The climate of the town is pleasant in the summers that makes it a very famous spot for tourists in the summers. Shimla is also a good place to visit during autmn or spring for the breathtaking views and also because the place is less crowded.

Toy Train Shimla

Transportation is good to this place one can use the trains specifically the Shimla Mountain Train. To interest many, the railway track has recently been added to the list of the UNESCO World heritage Sights. The views are stunning and appealing to many of them. The train passes through 103 tunnels and is a joy ride. Other ways of getting here are by plane or road. When it comes to shopping, The Mall is the main place for people to shop from, it is a full fledged market.

There are a few temples, museums and a few galleries which can be of interest to many. In Shimla, people do go for small trekking on the hills, a few adventure sports but the most famous thing about Shimla is the sightseeing and also some Himachali shopping. So, go there visit Shimla and have the best time ever in the queen of hills as called by the Britishers.