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Mount Abu Tour

Mount Abu
About Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated at the highest peak of the Aravali range at an altitude of 1220 meters and the only hill resort of Rajasthan. It is very impressive with its magnificence and scenic beauty, the massive blocks of rocks, immense along the top of the hill, are most striking. It is the most beautiful hill station of Rajasthan and a major Rajput and Jain pilgrimage. This beautiful hill station attracts thousands of tourists every year for fun and pleasure trips.


To reach Mount Abu is not difficult at all it is easily accessible; the nearest airport would be Udaipur. You get regular trains from Ahmadabad and Jaipur. By road too, you get first class bus service from every city and state to connect to Mount Abu.

Tourist Places

It may be the only hill station at Rajasthan but a lot of places to explore as well. You can visit Fort, Palaces, Temples to lakes, for example Dilwara Temples a beautiful Jain temple famous all over, no visit would be complete without a trip to this amazing temple. Toad Rock, Gurushikhar these places are worth a visit. Mount Abu is a place for Excursions as well, Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh, Trevor's Tan these places is a must visit. Nakki Lake this is the only artificial lake in India that is 1200mts, it is a famous hot spot especially for boating.

Fairs and Festivals in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is known for its Fairs and Festivals as well, it is hugely celebrated in this place. Summer festival that is in June a special occasion here, people from over the place comes here to celebrate. It is one of the exotic festivals which stay in mind of the people for along time. Gangaur Festival (March- April) dedicated to Gauri, this festival is specially for young maid and married women. This festival is celebrated for over a month. Patotasav festival celebrated at Shri Raghunathji Temple.

Shopping in Mount Abu
Shopping in Mount Abu
Shopping in Mount Abu

Apart from sightseeing you can also do some shopping At Mount Abu shopping destinations, you can buy mementos and souvenirs to take it back home for your family and friends. The most popular market is around Nakki Lake, which is known as Nakki Maal. Some of the famous item you can shop in Mount Abu would be Jewelry, Fabrics, Wooden articles, Gemstones, Metal crafts, Leather ware, Kota sarees, Traditional Rajashthani bangles, curios etc.

Mount Abu is an amazing and a wonderful place to visit specially with family and friends. You can expect to have a relaxing time for sure. Do plan your trip well in advance and enjoy your trip to the fullest at this beautiful place.