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About Mandawa
Mandawa Paintings
Mandawa Paintings

Mandawa the place for Art and Culture, surrounded with popular Mansions and havelis is a perfect tourist destination and one of the favorite holiday spot.

Mandawa is about 190kms from Jaipur, in the center of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It is easily connected to all the other places in India and nearby region. Tourist can travel by Air, road and rail. Many domestic airlines are available from Jaipur and the nearest charter airport is Jhunjhunu, Road Networks are excellent and is well connected.

Major Tourist Attraction

Mandawa is an impressive town, which gives the visitors a lot of satisfaction. A small town which was founded in the 18th century, by the wealthy merchants, who built a lot of havelis and mansions in this area. These havelis and mansions are colourful and a huge tourist attractions too. Popular places to visit in Mandawa would be Nawalgarh which is famous for its fort, some of the popular havelis would be Aath Haveli, Hem Raj, Kulwal Haveli, Khedwal Bhavan etc are worth a watch. Mukundgarh, Dundlord, Fatehpur these places too are famous for its forts and havelis.

Parsurampura a place known for its best-preserved and oldest paintings situated in Shekhawati region, tourist who loves art will love this place. Jhunjhunu, largest town in the Shekhawati region is known for its city and a major tourist attraction Khetri Mahal, Bihariji Temple, Tiberwala Haveli are all located in this place. There are other numerous havelis like the Chokhani, Ladia, Saraf havelis, Binsidhar Newatia Haveli etc. which has some stunning antique paintings.

Best Time Visit to Mandawa

Best time to visit Mandawa would be during October to March, winter season. Since it is situated in the north of India the climate is extreme, so recommended not to visit this place during summer.

Shopping in Mandawa

Those who love art and painting Mandawa is the perfect place to shop. You can get handmade beautiful paintings created by the skilled craftsmen on cloth and paper, perfect for home decoration or to give a gift to someone. Other popular shopping would include carved wooden furniture, adorned chairs, cradles, stools etc. Apart from this tourist can shop for beautiful bangles as well.

Cuisine in Mandawa
Cuisine in Mandawa

Cuisine in Mandawa

Staying at Mandawa is not a problem, it provides quality accommodation. There are many hotels and guest houses in this town. The tourists can also stay at resorts and heritage hotels. At Mandawa you can fit in with any budget to accommodate yourself. This beautiful small town offers some of the best dishes and cuisines, you must try their Gatte ki Sabji, Kaer Sangri, Saadi Baati served with garlic chutney and dal churma etc.

Mandawa is a great and fabulous place to discover. Once visited you would love to go back again. A wonderful place to visit with families and children. Make sure to find out about the packages and plan your trip well in advance. So, next time you plan to visit a place make sure it's Mandawa.