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About Kashmir
Tulip Garden
Tulip Garden

Welcome to the Valley of beauty, the paradise on earth. Kashmir, a land divided between the northern half of the northern-most state of India, Jammu and Kashmir and the district of Kashmir in Pakistan.

Major Tourist Attraction

Destructed by war, terrorism and violence since 1948, this beautiful valley has long been considered a dangerous place to go to, but tourism is slowly coming back to the valley for a visit. The most popular places to go in Kashmir would be Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Verinag. There are loads of adventure sports like water rafting and paragliding and many more various tourist spots available. The famous Golf course The Royal Springs lies in the center of Srinagar on the shores of the world famous Dal Lakes is the most attractive golf courses available.

Transport in Kashmir

Reaching Kashmir is not a problem, you can travel by plane, train and road. Jammu is the nearest railway station. Best time to visit Kashmir would be Spring, this is the time when Kashmir beauty appears into beautiful colors and millions on flowers covers the landscape. Tulip Garden would be worth a visit at this point of time, it is situated just opposite the main Boulevard Road on the shores of the Dal Lake. You could also go skiing in Gulmarg which offers brilliant opening till late March. Trekking is also good at Kashmir. Houseboats are famous tourist can choose to stay here as well and experience new feeling. In winter skiing or snowboarding adventure at Gulmarg is popular.

Pashmina Shawl - Kashmir
Pashmina Shawl - Kashmir
Shopping in Kashmir

Shopping at Kashmir is good, you have various things to see and buy. Handicrafts, Pashmina Shawls and Printed or handmade carpets are famous world over. Pashmina is totally Kashmiri and available in range of colors, also some of them are hand embroidered by the artisans. Carpets here are most beautiful, handmade Kashmiri carpets are well known. Handmade carpets are difficult to make so it can take months oe even couple of years to get it done.

Cuisine in Kashmir

Cusine at Kashmir is just too wonderful, since Kashmir experience chilling winter and people in the evening love to drink a cup of warm 'Kahwa'... a black tea brewed with cinnamon, cardamom and honey.

Also all time favorite is the pink colored 'Nun Chai' made with a special salt. Rich and fragrant with the flavor of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and saffron, Kashmiri food is suitable for all taste. Largely non- vegetarian known as "Waswaan" is the royal cuisine of Kashmir. It is prepared with a number of spicy meat dishes along with some other interesting dishes and served with either roti or rice. Traditionally, food in Kashmir is eaten by hands, without any spoons, forks or knives. Some of the other popular dishes would be Dum-Aloo prepared by Potatoes, roasted and cooked in a curd-based sauce, Chaman made from Paneer (cottage cheese), fried and cooked in thick gravy. Rista, Balls made of minced meat, cooked in gravy, the known Seekh kababs, Tabak Maz fried flat pieces of meat with spices, Roganjosh, Yakhni mutton preparation cooked with curd, Gushtaba balls made of finely minced meat, cooked in thick fresh curd gravy etc.

Kashmir is a lovely place to visit, so plan your trip well in advance and at same time do take precaution be safe.

Not to forget the Siliserh Lake, this lake has many wildlife species which include snakes, crocodile and much more. Some of the famous festival is celebrated here, like holi the festival of colours, Diwali the festival of light, one should visit during these festivals, its fun and enjoyable.

Plan your trips well in advance, many travel packages available, one can avail that for family trip as well.