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Chittorgarh Tour

Chittorgarh fort
About Chittorgarh

A tour to Chittorgarh allows one to explore the history. The interesting places there like Chitorgarh Fort and etc. reveal a lot of secrets hidden in the history of Rajasthan. Chittorgarh is pride & glory of Rajasthan, Chittaur echoes with the tales of romance and valour unique to the Rajput tradition. A ruined citadel, where the royal past lives in its imposing forts, graceful palaces and spectacular chatris.This fortified settlement has been ravaged thrice and each time the outcome was ' Jauhar' - when women and children immolated themselves on a huge funeral pyre while men donned in saffron robes of matyrdom rode out of the fort towards certain death. Alauddin Khilji was first to sack Chitaur in 1303 A.D. overpowered by a passionate desire to posses the regal beauty, queen padmini. Legend has it he saw her face in the reflection of a mirror and was struck by her mesemering beauty. But the noble queen preffered death to dishonour and committed 'Jauhar'.

Tourist Places

Chittorgarh Fort :- It is situated 631kms away from Delhi in the state of Rajasthan. The fort of Chittor thrills one's heart with the reminiscence of the heroic deeds. The fort plainly known as Chittor was the capital of Mewar , it is spread over a rocky hill of about 152kms,constructed in around 7th century by Chitrang maurya.

The fort has seven gates and are named as Padan Pol, Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol, Jodla Pol, Laxman Pol and the main entry gate of Lord Ramas that is Ram Pol Within the fort, a circular road provides access to all gates and monument located within the fort walls. All the gateways to the fort have been built as massive stone structures. The main gate of the fort is called the surajpol meaning the Gate of Sun. The doors of the gates with pointed arches are reinforced to fend off canon shots and elephants

The fort once boasted of 84 water bodies, but unfortunately is left with only 22 now. These water bodies are in the form of ponds, wells and step wells.

Victory Tower
Victory Tower

Victory Tower :- The victory tower or Jay Stambha is the symbol of Chittor and a particularly bold expression triumph, was established by Rana Khumba between 1458 and 1468 to commemorate his victory over Mohammed Shah I Khilji, the Sultan of Malwa, in 1440 AD. It is approximately 122ft long and has a narrow circular staircase of about 157 steps, consists of 8 floors. The dome which was added later to the building got damaged because of the lightning and was repaired around in 19th century.

Kirti Stambha :- Also known as the Tower of Fame , a 72ft high tower built on a 30 ft base with 4.6ft at the top. It was constructed by Bagherwal Jain merchant Jijaji rathod , is older and smaller than the Victory Tower. It is a six storey building, the top most floor consists of 12 columns and was built around 15th century.

Rana Kumbha's Palace :- It is indeed one of the oldest monument, located near the Vijaya Stambha. The founder of Udaipur, Maharana Udai Singh was born here. The remarkable feature of the ce is its splendid series of canopied balconies, and is built with plastered stone. The entry to the palace is through the Suraj Pol.

Padmini's Palace
Padmini's Palace

Padmini's Palace :- Located in the southern part of the fort, a three storied white colour building is known as the Padmini's palace or Queen Palace. It is that place where Alauddin was permitted to glimpse at the mirror image of Rani Padmini, wife of Maharana Rattan Singh. Rani Padmini was compared to Cleopatra and the history of her life was not less than a legend.

Meera Temple :- It was build in 1449 by Maharana Kumbha ,consists of Lord Krishna's Temple within the premises. It is basically a Temple of Lord Vishnu and has beautiful idol in its sanctum.

Kalika Mata Temple :- It lies just across Padmini's palace . Sun Temple, destroyed, was rebuilt as a Kali Temple

Fateh Prakash Palace Named after Maharana Fateh Singh, this huge Palace is of modern style. A big Ganesh idol, different forecoes and a fountain which are to be seen to be believed.

Jain Temples :- In the total of six Jain temples, the temple of Bhagwan Adinath is the largest and consists of 52 Devkulikas. The Digambar Jain Kirtstambha and the seven storied Kirtistambh are the famous two among them.


The destinations which would add to your stay at Chittorgarh.
  Sanwariyaji Temple 40kms away from Chittorgarh is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre
  Situated on the banks of River Baraich, tourist place Nagri is about 20kms away from chittorgarh
  A town which should be visited, 140kms away from Chittorgarh is Barolo.
  Bijolia,50kms east of chittorgarh. The Undeswara Temple has a yoni and linga in the inner sanctums, and some excellent carvings.
  The area which consists of well preserved temples built in 12th century is Menal around 90kms from chittorgarh.