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Rath Yatra
Rath Yatra - Puri

Puri is abode of Lord Jagannatha, literally lord of the world, one of the four holiest of holy places of India, Puri is the place of colourful festivals round the year, of which the most celebrated, the "Rath Yatra", annual festival of chariots in the beginning of the monsoon has attracted pilgrims and tourists for centuries. The city is also a home -of numerous artisans and craftsmen who produce rare and exquisite handicrafts of large variety.Puri, situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal is also a city of outdoors, of lovely beaches, golden sands, and the gentle sunshine, tempting enough to invite vistors, both Indian & Foriegn throughout the year.

Summer = 28to 38degree celcius
Winter = 20 to 26degree celcius