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About Sanchi

Sanchi is one among the tourist locations in Madhya Pradesh India. Sanchi is a village located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. This village is known for 'Stupas'. This small village is visited by many Buddhist tourists from across the globe as it holds many Buddhist monuments of the 3rd Century B.C. The Great Stupa at Sanchi has come under the list of UNESCO's world heritage sites. Sanchi is backed by many Buddhist monuments though Lord Buddha never stepped to Sanchi. But his presence can be felt through the monuments.

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Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupas

The Great Stupa in Sanchi comes under the most ancient monuments in India. It was commissioned by the famous ruler of the ancient history Ashoka. It is a semi-hemispherical in shape and this brick structure is built to cover the relics of Buddha. At the top of the Stupa is a parasol like structure called the 'Chatra' which symbolizes the ranking and the intention of having it is to honor and also to protect the relics of Buddha. There are four well carved doorways to the Stupa and the whole monument is surrounded by a balustrade. This is one of the greatest attractions of Sanchi. The Toranas present at the Stupa indicate trust, peace and courage.

There are several other Buddhist monuments present at Ranchi. Among the monuments are various other Stupas and each carries its own significance. The Buddhist temples present at Sanchi has intricate carvings on them which represent the Indian culture. Among the temples, the most ancient is the temple 17 which was built during the Gupta period. A classical appearance is given to the temple by its intricate carvings in the front and the pillars. Each carving on the temple indicates different things about our society at that time.

Another must see location at Sanchi is the Ashokha pillar. It has intricate carvings and stands as a testimony to the rich legacy in Sanchi. The polishing of the pillar is so shining which makes you feel that it was painted recently. We at Erco Travels through our knowledgeable tour guides help you to know the place better on your trip to Sanchi.

On you visit to Sanchi, you can visit all the important Stupas and our tour guide would assist you in viewing the most important tourist locations. The Great Stupa is opened for public viewing only for a particular period of time of the day. There is a lot of research in that place and our tourist guide with this knowledge offers points that describe the heritage of the place in a simple manner. Photography is allowed and you can take good pictures at this ancient monument. Sanchi has beautiful landscapes and great weather so you can just chill and relax by enjoying the view of the landscape.

How to Reach

The best way to visit Sanchi is by road or by rail. Our package tours would include the arrangement of tourist vehicles for a comfortable journey. You are given an option to choose the type of tourist vehicle you need for road travel and the same is arranged. There are regular trains also available between Bhopal and Sanchi. A possibility to explore the city by a bicycle also exists by renting the bicycle.