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About Khajuraho
Khajuraho temple
Khajuraho temple

The historic city of Khajuraho is one of the biggest tourist destinations in North India for its ancient temples. Located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, it attracts tourists from across the globe for its architectural grandeur and lovely temples. The city of Khajuraho stands as an eminent example of Indian art with the carvings of the aesthetic sculptures. This heritage and beauty held by the region has brought Khajuraho the prestigious status of being one among the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. In the temples of Khajuraho, the Hindu philosophy is well depicted by the aesthetic sculptures and the human sentiments are depicted through the erotic images which worship the shrine.

The carvings on the Khajuraho temples signify the craftsmanship and the astonishing progressiveness of the rulers. Apart from its temples, Khajuraho is also known for its cultural extravaganza. If your visit to Khajuraho is during the end of February and March, you can experience this cultural extravaganza. At this time, the temple city would be plugged with some of the dance performances by some of the greatest Indian dancers. There are also excellent shopping opportunities offered at Khajuraho. There are many shops which offer different items at great prices.

Tourist opportunity / Tourist places in Khajuraho

There are many tourist attractions at Khajuraho. Among them the must see places are the Khandariya temple, Chitragupta temple, Vaman temple and the Devi Jagadamba temple. The Khandariya temple is

Khandariya temple
Khandariya temple

the largest temple in Khajuraho. It has a tower which is 100 ft in height and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is engraved with sculptures of beautiful women which offer a stunning look to the temple. The Chitragupta temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to the Sun god. The temple hosts the sculpture of Lord Surya driving the chariot pulled by seven horses. Another magnificent sculpture at this temple is the image of Lord Vishnu in his '11 headed form'. The Vaman temple at Khajuraho is dedicated to the Lord Vaman who is the dwarf god. The temple offers a scenic view with its lush greenery in its back ground. Noticeable feature of this temple is the use of diamonds in place of sculptures on the top row of the wall. Devi Jagadamba temple is known for its erotic sculptures. There are three layers of sculptures surrounding the temple. These sculptures offer it a mesmerizing look and make Devi Jagadamba temple one of the best shrines in Khajuraho.

On you visit to the temple city, the first thing to do is to visit the temples to see with your eyes the architectural grandeur present in our society during the past. The delicacies served at the temple can also be relinquished.

How to Reach

It is very convenient to reach Khajuraho by air. The Khajuraho airport receives domestic flights from all across the country. For international travelers, there are connected flights available from Mumbai and Delhi. For those travelling by rail, the nearest railway station to Khajuraho is at Mahoba located 63 km away. We at Erco travels include your pick up from the railway station or airport to your accommodation and also assist you in your city tour.