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Jai Vilas Mahal
Elephant Safari

Kanha Sal is the town located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. It is pleasantly located between the two rivers Helon and Banjar. The Kanha Sal widely attracts tourists from across the globe as it is core for tiger preservation. The famous tourist spot in Kanha Sal is the Kanha national park. The Kanha national park allures the visitors by it lush grasslands and bamboo forests. The erstwhile rulers used this ground for hunting animals. Kanha national park gained its utmost popularity when it was used in Jungle book by Rudyard Kipling. Kanha Sal boasts about its vibrant flora and Fauna. With its wildlife and lush green forests, Kanha national park is a treat for wildlife lovers.

Tourist opportunity / Tourist places in Kanha Sal

There are many other attractions to stop over at Kanha Sal. Some of the well known attracts of Kanha Sal are Mandla fort, Ramnagar fort, Kanha museum and Bamni Dadar. These are some of the best stop over locations in Kanha Sal. The erstwhile memories can be revived by visiting the ancient forts at Kanha Sal. The beauty of the nature at Kanha Sal makes a great location for a panoramic photograph to cover the enchanting marvels. For an effective tour of the city we offer your well experienced tour guides to rightly explain you the significance of each tourist spot.

Kanha offer many blissful views of the wildlife and you can view this by going on a safari into the Kanha National park. The safaris happen at specific timings of the day. The prices also vary for taking the safari

Jai Vilas Mahal

at different timings. The evening safaris are economical when compared to the morning safaris. Choosing the timing according to your convenience would help your save costs. We at Erco travels thus plan the trip to help you save costs by visiting the locations at the right time.

Elephant Safari is another option available at Kanha national park. Here, you would be seated on an elephant to view the national park and this is very exciting and should be tried by all. However, in the elephant safari all the segments of the national park cannot be covered and hence it is priced economical. This way, you can capture some great pictures of the wildlife and enjoy the nature to its purest self.

How to Reach

If you wish to reach Kanha by air, then the nearest airport is Jabalpur airport located 169 km away from Kanha. The frequency of flights is less when compared to another airport in Nagpur which is 265km away from Kanha. According to your convenience and your flight timings, the airport can be chosen for your arrival to Kanha. However, we at Erco travels do all the required arrangements for your transportation from the airport to the Kanha National park. IF you planning to reach Kanha by train, the nearest railway station is 169 km away and from the railway station you can reach Kanha by road. This railway station too is located at Jabalpur.