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Visitors Commendation

From : Alison Jackson [UK]

Sent :Tuesday, 5 April 2016 14:28
To : Chandra Adhikari - Erco Travels
Subject : Safely home!

Hi Chandra,

Yes we have had a great holiday, lots of travel but it would not have been possible to see so many interesting places without.

The guides were all excellent but we can't remember their names.
If you know who the guide was in Kolkata, he was very knowledgeable and was kind enough to buy us prints of some paintings in the Victoria Museum, now we are home and have a chance to appreciate them. Please pass on our thanks to him for his generosity and wish him well.

Just for future reference the drive from Shimla to Amritsar is 9 hours (including 2 short wash room breaks and lunch).  Not a problem but you may wish to revise the estimated timing of 6/7 hours.

The drivers too were patient and excellent.

The Oberoi hotels are so good you expect all hotels to be the same! Their staff are, without exception, charming and helpful.

Thank you for all your help.

Best regards
Alison and Bernard Jackson

From : Patricia and Marisa [México]

Sent : Thursday, 18 February, 2016 8:30 PM
To : Mr. Prashant - Erco Travels
Subject : Thank you

Hello Mr. Prashant,

We just want to thank you for making this amazing trip possible. Thank you also for making the arrangements at the last time, we had a really good time in India and everything was great! Including tour delicious food that is spicy like ours.

The last day gave us the opportunity to visit 3 more places which we consider a very good idea, thank you.

Hope to be back in your beautiful country someday.

Best regards from México
Patricia and Marisa

From : Etienne

Lion in Gir National park

Sent : Saturday, 12 December, 2015 7:06 PM
To : Devendra - Erco Travels
Subject : Our tour in Rajasthan and Goa


We would like to say thank you for the very nice tour you have organized for us in Rajasthan and Goa. The trip was wonderful, hotels were perfect but on top of this Incredible India tour, we specially appreciated the high professional skill of our driver Vinod, always ready for us, always on time, very useful and a fantastic driver in the indian traffic.

Thanks again and best regards from Belgium,
Françoise and Etienne

From : Nancy and Mike [USA]

Sent : Wednesday, April 1, 2015 7:29 PM
To : Pradeep - Erco Travels; Jagadeesh, Pratima
Subject : Thank you

Pradeep and Pratima,

Mike and I cannot thank you enough for the incredible trip you planned for us. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Kamaraj was a fantastic driver and amazed us with his driving skill in such crazy traffic, plus was so likable. We really enjoyed getting to know him. All the guides were great; knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. The hotels were lovely and we had great service and food in each. Overall it was a fantastic experience and we thank you so much for all you did. We will have many years of wonderful memories to think back on. Once our pictures are better organized, we will share.

Please let us know if we can complete any surveys for you or post a review on your website.

All the best,
Nancy and Mike

From : Parminder Singh [ UK ]

Sent : Sunday, March 8, 2015 4:34 PM
To : Anurag - Erco Travels
Subject : Holiday in India

Hello Anurag Ji,

I would just like to say thank you and that me and the wife had a very exciting interesting pleasant and relaxing holiday organised by your company. It was just at the right pace not too fast very enjoyable and we were not bored for one minute. We shall be recommending you to all our friends and relatives.

It was also very nice meeting you in person and having a chat. Your driver Kamraj is truly a professional in the way he does his job.

Best Wishes
Parminder Singh

From : DAVINDER Tamana [ UK ]

Sent : Monday, April 21, 2014 3:51 PM
To : Anurag Rathore
Subject : Re: Feedback . Tour of North East India

Hi Anurag Ji,

Greetings from London.
I am so sorry I could not write to you earlier.

The Tour of NE India was very very good. It was very well planned. All the hotels and excursions were perfect. All the guides and the drivers were excellent and cheerful.
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for organizing such a beautiful trip.
We were very impressed by the young man,Neeraj, who met us at the New Delhi Railway Station On the first of March. He had organised all the paper work so well that we had no trouble anywhere. He helped us with the Metro and at the Airport. Please thank him on our behalf.

Best wishes from all of us

From : Forough Hossein Pour [ Germany ]

To : devendra@ercotravels.com
Sent : Monday, February 10, 2014 7:19 PM
Subject : Thank YOU

Dear Mr. Kandari!

I would like to thank you very much. The whole trip was very well organized and I am very satisfied. Your staff and coordinators are very reliable, caring and helpful. The guides have excellent knowledge in culture and history. At this point I would like say especially thanks to Mr. Surya Prakash from Udaipur, Mr. Praveen Merita from Jodpur and Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma from Orchha.
Also, the Driver Mr. Divan is not just a very good driver, but he is also very helpful and friendly person. About hotels, I can give the following recomendation (for cleanliness, food and location):

1. Karohi Haveli (Udaipur)
2. Pushkar Ressort
3. Holiday Inn (Jaipur)
4. Meraden Grand (Varanasi)
5. Pal Haveli (Jodpur)
6. Clarks Khajarahu
7. Hotel Vikram (Delhi)
8. Hotel Marina (Agra)

All in one a childhood dream of mine comes true and I'm so happy to could visit a little part of your great and beautiful country.
Wish you all the best and good luck for future

Sunny greetings from Goa,
Forough Hosein Pour

From : Alan Rainton [ UK ]

Sent : Saturday, February 15, 2014 4:32 PM
To : Anurag - Erco Travels
Subject : Back to UK

Hello Anurag

Just a quick message to say thank you for yet another brilliant adventure.
Regards from everyone & thank you for our presents which will bring back many happy memories as we are drinking our tea. At the moment we have a very busy time ahead at home but when things have settled down,we will send you a detailed summary of hotels, guides & places we visited if this is of use to you for planning future holidays for your clients.

Please also say thank you to Devendra. It was really good to see you both again.

Sharon & Alan

From : Sandhia Bhugoea

To : Pradeep Gusain
Sent : Sunday, October 27, 2013 3:29 PM
Subject : Re: Thank You for trip to Madurai & Rameshwaram

I hope everything is going alright.
I was very busy when I came from India back to Holland. I had to work and I went to England for bussiness study about a week. Now I have time to email you. I am thanking you from my and my mothers side for making our schedules to Madhurai. It's was very nice in Madhurai and when I went to Rameshwaram and Meenakshi Temple my dreams had been come true, I am very happy with your services and people are very supportive. Pradeepjie if God wants we will meet again, because God decide everything for everybody. I am a spiritual girl as you know and like the Indian culture very much. I am going to end this email, send my greetings and love to everyone

Namaskar from my parents, Shailesh and Sandhia

From : Carrie Ziecina

To : Pradeep Gusain
Sent : Friday, January 11, 2013 12:23 PM
Subject : Re: Thank You to make our vacation wonderful

Hello Pradeep! I would like to express what a wonderful time we are having! Every single person we have met which is representing Erco has been so professional, kind, and helpful. You have helped to make our vacation a once in a lifetime experience.


From : Mahin Bihari

To : Beste Mr. Pradeep
Sent : Friday, July 12, 2013 3:11 AM
Subject : Re: India Pilgrim tour with Erco Travels

Onze 17 daagse tour naar India (Delhi-Jamu-Katra- Amritsar ,Chandigard ,Mathoera,Bindraban) is ons heel goed bevallen.
-De hotels ,eten ,verblijf ,
-De chauffeur ,
-De route ,
-De planning ,
was allemaal goed geregeld .
Bedankt voor de service en het uitkiezen van de mooie accomodatie's .( en aandacht besteed aan onze wensen).
En last but not least het cadeau is een goede smaak van mijn vrouw ,ze vindt het prachtig .
Nogmaals bedankt voor alles.

De vriendelijke groeten.
Fam.Mahinder Bihari.

From : Joseph Davis

To : Pradeep Gusain
Sent : Friday, January 11, 2013 12:23 PM
Subject : Re: Travel plan delhi, agra jaipur

Dear Pradeep,
I along with my family would like to convey our appreciation of the services provided by ERCO recently for the Delhi, agra, jaipur, delhi tour. Also specially appreciate your Mr Vinod, for his truly professional approach to work, creating trust and providing timely & insightful guidance.

Look forward to availing and recommending your services in future. Please keep up the good standards of discipline, cleanliness and upfront disclosure of all relevant information.

Thanks & Best regards

From : Adrienne Lauzon

To : operations@ercotravels.com
Sent : Wednesday, December 19, 2012 8:37 PM
Subject : Re: Trip to India!!

Hi Devendra,
I apologize not writing sooner. I wanted to tell you what an absolutely wonderful trip I had to India and how much I appreciated your professionalism and service. The trip was so well-organized with no issues at all. Your local tour companies (especially in Varanasi and Khajuraho) were excellent and we had a wonderful time. I will recommend Erco to anyone traveling to India and contact you again if I take another trip there.

Adrienne Lauzon

From : Raymond [ Netherlands ]

Sent : Wednesday, July 18, 2012 10:12 AM|
To : Ravi - Erco Travels
Subject : Thank you

Dear Ravi,
We are back in Holland and we want to thank you for the arrangemant of the India trip for us.
Hope we wil come back and if it is ok we wil contact you again.

With the most lovely regards,

From : Kris Fakira [Netherlands]

Sent : Wednesday, June 27, 2012 6:21 PM
To : Pradeep Gusain - Erco Travels
Subject : Thank you

Dear Pradeep Gusain,

Here i'm again with my e-mail. Maybe strange for you but i wont to conform and say thank you for the arrangement you offer ( work out ) for me . I had a good time in India . I have been gides very well, no requirement against you or your travel agent perfect. I hope that next year the same will overcome me again, a sweet wellcome in India with the best service like the past three weeks. I'm a very happy human been with an indian back ground. thanks so lot and till next year.

With the most lovely regards,

From : Naveen Tahloe [Netherlands]

Sent : Monday, June 04, 2012 4:53 PM
To : Pradeep Gusain - Erco Travels
Subject : Thank you

Dear Mr Pradeep,

Thank you for making our holiday to India a wonderful experience! It was one of the best we ever have. We had a great time and we miss India already! Thanks for the good arrangements and please do our greetings to Mr Kamradj.

Best regards/Met vriendelijke groet,
Naveen & Natasha Tahloe

From : Mohanavani R Vellasamy [Malaysia]

Sent : 28/12/2011 8:12 AM
To : Anurag - Erco Travels
Subject : Thanks a Million


I am so grateful for the trip arrangement that you made for my family. They were very happy and satisfied with your service and sincerity. I would definitely consider you on my next trip!

Thank you so much for the lovely gift too. Your team was awesome.

Thanks & Regards
Mohanavani (Mohana)

From : Scott Brodie

To : Tarun - Erco Travels
E-mail :
Add : J. Scott Brodie
           Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A2, canada
Year : Travelled India December, 2011

Hi Tarun,

Arrived home on Saturday after a GREAT tour in India. Thank you for your hard work and fine planning. The guides and drivers were all wonderful. I would especially like to commend our driver Sunil from Delhi to Jaipur, and our guides in Delhi and Agra, they were top notch. We had a great time, learned a ton and felt safe and extremely well taken care of the whole time. Your professionalism was much appreciated. If you need any recommendations, I would be please to furnish same.

All the best,

From : Alan Rainton

Email :
To : Anurag - Erco Travels
Sent : 25/11/2010 5:05 PM
Subject : Recent holiday

Hello Anurag,

We have waited a few days to allow our recent experiences in India to settle in our minds, but we still think we should say, out loud.


We have all come home slightly bewildered by the sights, sounds and experiences of "real" India which we think you played such a great part in the planning. Your help and patience in the planning (I have found an email from you dated in February 2010, a full 10 months before the actual holiday) over such a long time was essential to its success. Another huge plus was the second driver, Ramesh, who was very helpful to us during the long 7 day drive from Bangalore to Goa. At no time did we feel uneasy with his driving, he was "in tune" with us, slowing down for photo's, explaining some aspects of the surroundings and showing us markets etc. An excellent result for us.

Most of the guides were quite good but we were very impressed with the guides in Delhi and Varanasi. The guide in Hampi was very good .

It remains to repeat that we were as a party extremely satisfied with the overall outcome ...

Alan & Sharon Rainton
Phil & Sue Allison

Ps. Sharon has already intimated that she would like to return to a different part of India and complete the holiday with some walking in the lower Himalayas ... before we get TOO OLD!!

Would you be happy, or should I ask be willing, to help us with another trip in the future?

Thank You,
Alan & Sharon Rainton
Phil & Sue Allison

Client Name : C. Veer

E-mail : c.veer4@chello.nl
Add : Ermelo, The Netherlands
Year : Travelled India from 19 Jul- 09 Aug 2005

Dear mister Gusain,

back in Holland we want to thank you for all your efforts, making our journey through India a wonderful success. We were impressed by the beauty of your country and we have many special memories, reminding of a very special time. The organisation of our journey was very accurate. And we were very content with our driver mr Kamraj Kapoor. He is a very reliable and nice man. For 2005 we do not have the opportunity for a longer period, but we want to plan another Indiatravel for 2006. So, you will definetely hear from us again.

C. Veer

Client Name : Rajeen

Add : Den Haag, The Netherlands
E-mail : Rajeen.Kalicharan@eap.nl
Year : Travelled India from 11 Jul-01 Aug 2005

Dear Ravi Ji,

Namaskar, also to your family and the ERCO staff Today is my first day at the office. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in our tour. It was a succesfull tour, the hole family enjoyed.

Best regards,

Name : Daniel Planas

E-mail : D_Planas@indas.es
Country : Spain
Year : Travelled India from 04 - 22 Aug 2005

Dear Ravi

Thank you for everything, it has been a very beautiful trip and I will tell to my friends and people here that I got, more than enough than local travel agency here in Spain. I give your contact and mail so that they will also get good service and cheap price, I hope it doesn't bother him. Give a very strong greeting to the best driver that is Mr Rambaboo and to their excellent assistant Kelas, without them this trip had not been the same, many thank you for everything and don't doubt, that we will return to the India, and trusting your agency to travel to the south of this magnificent country.

Best regards,

Name : Odilon Ngan

E-mail : odilon_ngan@yahoo.fr
Country : France
Year : Travelled India From 14-28 July 2005

My dear Jaswant, Hi !

It's a real pleasure for me to send you this mail. First to thank you for your kindness and devoutness. We got a very nice trip. My wife Dominique, and my friend Florence ask me to send you their greetings and their thanks. We liked India too much. It's a pity for the guide as I told you at the airport. You have a very good travel agency, serious and organised. Surely I will come back to India with others friends and I will need your help. I hope we will keep in touch. Present all my best wishes to your group.

Have a nice day,
Odilon Ngan

Name : Heiko & Anne-Christine Eichler

E-mail : heikei@frisurf.no
Country : Norway
Year : Travelled India from 28 Feb-14 Mar 2005

Dear Anurag!

Now we are back in Norway and will thank You and Your company for a beautyful tour in Rajasthan and to Nepal. Both parts were without problems of any kind. Ones again : THANK YOU!!

Best regards from
Heiko & Anne-Christine Eichler

Name : Mrs. Niru Sharma

E-mail : naani8@hotmail.com
Country : Canada

Dear Jaswantji and Anurag ji !!!

Once again I would like to thank you both and your company for doing such a wonderful job .We all were very happy with all the arrangements. Keep in touch

Name : Odilon Ngan

E-mail : odilon_ngan@yahoo.fr
Country : France

My dear Jaswant, Hi !

It's a real pleasure for me to send you this mail. First to thank you for your kindness and devoutness. We got a very nice trip. My wife Dominique, and my friend Florence ask me to send you their greetings and their thanks. We liked India too much. It's a pity for the guide as I told you at the airport. You have a very good travel agency, serious and organised. Surely I will come back to India with others friends and I will need your help. I hope we will keep in touch. Present all my best wishes to your group.

Have a nice day!!!