Take a delightful trip of India during the Goa Carnival 2017

Goa carnival is the much-awaited festival of Goan calendar. People of various cultures celebrate this event with great enthusiasm. Grande parades are arranged all over the State with live bands, dances, social acts, and vivacious floats on the streets. The carnival is held for three days with dance competitions and other fun-filled activities buzzing at night. The carnival is held in the month of February every year.

In 2017 this huge Carnival is going to be held from 25th of February to 28th of February at the four grand places of the city named as Panjim, Mapusa, Margoa and Vasco da Gama. The whole state looks like a big party venue, with a magical theme. This open festival hosts a huge gathering from all over the globe and the city welcomes everyone with open heart.

It is a Christian festival but Millions of visitors from all corners of the globe arrive and celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The electric atmosphere, colorful mirage and lively ambiance describe the festival to some extent. It is a festival that bids goodbye to the cold winters in Goa and mark the arrival of spring.

According to the legends, this festival is introduced by Portuguese; and takes place before the Easter Sunday. It is firstly celebrated by the Portuguese to welcome the arrival of spring. This age-old concept is celebrated by the residents of Goa but it still reflects the Portuguese culture. Celebrated with great reverence on a full moon day, it brings to light various scenes of mythology through song, dance and drumbeats. This carnival is also marked with feasting, merry making and drinking.

The carnival starts with colorful floats followed by colossal parades. Festivities usually begin around 3 pm and last for about 3 hours. Various float parades are observed across the state celebrating the arrival of spring. The highlight of the parade is the legendary King Momo who flags off the event in style. The parade is marked by gorgeously dressed men and women who play live music all the while. Mock battles, masked dances and cross dressing exhibitions also follow the parades.

A special and fasinating activity known as ‘Assaltos’ also take place during this festival, in which the Youngsters surprisingly attack the kitchen of their neighbors.

People abstain from consuming meat during this festive season, which lasts for 40 days. The celebrations are also followed by a prize distribution ceremony. This celebrations end with the Red and Black dance at Club National in Panaji. People of Goa decorate Panji in a beautiful way that makes everyone appreciate it.

Goa is also known for its delicious food. During this carnival People of Goa entertain their guests with local exotic cuisines. The mouth-watering traditional cuisines and local Feni also add the charm to the festivity.

In 2017 carnival we can expect……..
-People jump around in joyful mood with masks on with extravagant head crowns and colorful dresses.

– Mock battles, masked dances and cross dressing exhibitions also performed.

-The local women dress themselves in bright colored costumes during the festival.

-Fireworks, fortune tellers, jesters and group of dancers are quite common in this carnival and street shows take place side by side.

-Modish Spanish guitar, amazing drum beats, acrobats and the heart touching voice.

– Food and drinks are in plenty.

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