Sightseeing Places in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the best place to relax and spend your cozy holidays as it is summer capital of Rajasthan. This world renowned tourist destination is situated on the highest peak in Aravali Range of mountains in India. Mostly barren and a desert state, Rajasthan gets a cool retreat at this pretty hamlet. Being the only hill station in the state, Mount Abu enjoys popularity among the tourists visiting Rajasthan.

Situated at the south peak of Aravalli range this beautiful hill station offers chilled climate with high flora housing the entire region. Mt Abu is the only place which attracts each and every kind of tourists because of its variety of spectacular locations. This holiday tour of Mount Abu is a combination of religious, adventurous and romantic place for tourists.

According to the legend, the name Mount Abu was earlier ‘Mount Arbud’ this name was derived from legend Arbuda, which was a mighty snake. Arbuda saved Lord Shiva’s Bull, Nandi’s life.
There is an another believe that all the mighty Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Dharma use to visit this pious mountain. This mountain has a holy significance and it is also consider that many saints and sages stay here. Once Lord Mahavira also visit this city. This beautiful hill resort was at one time the summer’s choice of the stately families of Rajput and then the Britishers.487164

Tour of mount Abu gives you a chance to sit on the lap of nature and enjoy lush green hills, lakes, dense forests, rivers, waterfalls and some holy shrines.

Under Mount Abu tour package you can explore a lot including-

Dilwara Jain Temples
These temples was Developed between 11th to 13th century AD. A number of tourists visit this temple not only for the religious purpose but also to see its amazing and brilliant architecture and beautiful stone carvings. dilwara-Jain-TempleThese temples are divided in five jain sections. These five sections are named as Shri Mahaveer Swami temple, Shri AdiNath, Shri ParshavNath, Shri Rishabdaoji and Shri NemiNathJi.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the Aravali range of mountains. This Sanctuary covers 19 kilometer long 5-8 kilometers broad area. Wildlife Sanctuary is full of faunal and floral beauty with some sightseeing points offering fantastic views. Here you can enjoy beautiful wildlife experience including more than 300 species of birds, Leopards, Sambhar, Chinkhara and Langurs etc. the main attraction of this Sanctuary is black dear.
Animal lovers can also visit the Tevor’s crocodile Park. This park is famous for tanks which are made to breed the crocodiles.

Gaumukh Temple
This Gaumukh Temple is devoted to Saint Vashishth. This temple houses a beautiful marble made statue of Nandi. This temple is associated with many mythological stories people belived that the Sage Vashishtha lived here with a magical cow who fulfill all his wishes. This temple also marks the venue where Sage Vashishtha conducted his yagna.

Nakki Lake
It is an ancient and sacred lake of this beautiful city which offers you to various adventurous and trekking spots activity and amazing weather near the lake. Nakki LakeIt is the perfect tourist spot for friends, families, honeymoon couples and nature lovers so that it is romantically called Love Lake. Here you can also enjoy boating to feel the peace and calm of the city.

Sunset point
The pleasant climate of this Sunset point makes it a favorite spot of the tourists. Excellent sun set views and breathtaking beauty of the desert together is a treating point.
The famous Honeymoon Point is also located near Sunset point. This place is known as Honeymoon Point for the presence of two rocks in the shape of man and woman.

Abu road
This road is a must visit place at Mount Abu. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant weather while driving on this road. This road houses several Hindu temples having great Hindu architecture. You can enjoy a number of surprises including a road side market.

Guru Shikhar
Guru shikhar is the highest point of Mt Abu which offers the tremendous view of whole Mt Abu from various points. GurushikhrIt is located at a height of 1722 meters in the range of majestic Aravali Mountain.

So get ready to explore this beautiful hill town of Rajasthan for making your holiday a delightful experience.



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