Explore the unspoiled natural beauty of the only hill station of central India – Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is one of the most scenic places in Madhya Pradesh, known as the ‘Queen of Satpura’ for its exotic natural panoramic and eye- catching scenic beauty. The hill station is wrapped in lush green meadows, ravines and bumpy hills along with placid pools and assorted cascades where the soothing waters in rhythmic way.

Fairy Pool, pachmarhi

The city is also a walker’s paradise having amazing peaks which are popular among trekkers, hikers and bikers. Pachmarhi is also mentioned in the great Indian epic Mahabharatha. According to the historical beliefs, it is the place where ‘Pandavas’ stayed here during their exile.

While different people find different reasons to be here the most significant thing about pachmarhi is its unmatched beauty of unspoiled nature.

Pachmarhi Boat Rides

The city is also blessed with a varied range of bio diversity, which includes the flora and fauna. Satpura National Park, a wildlife sanctuary and reserve forest surrounds Pachmarhi. The whole area is covered with lush green forest and is the home to many species of birds and wild life. One can enjoy superb jeep safaris, boat rides and elephant safari ride to this tiger reserve and spot a number of wild animals like Tigers, sloth bears, leopards, marsh crocodiles and antelopes.

Gupt Mahadev Temple, pachmarhi

It offers several religious significant monuments such as rock paintings those carved in the cave shelters. These caves are as old as 10, 000 BC. The five brothers, Pandavas creats these caves with several paintings. The temples of Bada Mahadev, Jata Shankar, Gupt Manadev etc gives this place a great religious status.

Pachmarhi, Dhoop Garh

Dhoop garh (the sunset point) it offers a vast diversity of land, it is a beautiful spot to see astonishing sunsets and sunrises. Pachmarhi also have a range of waterfalls and several lakes. Duchess Falls, an enchanting waterfall tumbles down into three cascades. This amazing cascade falls down from the height of more than 100 m making a creaky sound. Bees Falls also offers some of the most popular bathing pools. Enjoy bathing in Apsara Vihar or Fairy Pool, a natural bathing pool only for ladies. It is also an ideal picnic spot.

Pachmarhi, Trekking

It’s a trackers paradise and is also famous for its scouts and winter training camps and mountaineering camps. Enjoy the trek through the lush green forests of Pachmarhi. If you also interested in parasailing it is such a right place for you, one can have of the most exhilarating experiences here.

Shopping is believed to be one of the most exciting aspects of a trip to Pachmarhi. You are sure to get tempted to buy those stuffs with intricate handicraft works made by the skilled labours. The local markets of the city are famous for tribal crafts, agricultural tools, baskets, jute and marble decorative items etc.

Panchmarhi, cuisine

Panchmarhi cuisine is a combo pack of traditional Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Jain food. Vegetarian travelers in particular who travel to Pachmarhi would really enjoy their meals. This is because many of the main dishes are meat-free. Rasoi, Nandan Restaurant and Open Garden Restaurant are the worth trying Restaurant of Panchmarhi.

Mahashivratri Mela and Pachmarhi Utsava are the famous festival which shows the most intriguing facets of Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi Utsava is a great festival celebrated for 6 days.

So come and enjoy the multihued allures of Pachmarhi.

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